2023 Resolution To Start A PhD in Information Systems

You made a 2023 resolution to start a PhD in Information Systems. It’s already the end of January 2023 and you haven’t done anything to start this ball rolling.

Now is your time. It’s doable. Others (like you) have done it, and so can you.

Pursuing a PhD in any field is no doubt a time-consuming undertaking, especially when you’re trying to balance other responsibilities and commitments like work and family. Regardless of your background, earning a PhD is a fulfilling and empowering experience.

However, if you are a Black/African American Over 40, the decision to pursue a PhD in Information Systems (IS) may be particularly daunting because of the unique challenges you may face, like underrepresentation, isolation, financial barriers. Despite these challenges, among the many reasons, there’s one good reason that I want to remind you of.  

You’ll make a positive impact on the community: As a Black/African American with a PhD in Information Systems, you will become a role model and mentor to others. You are positioned to help inspire and support the next generation of academics and leaders in the Information Systems field. You’re already a representation that students will see in the classroom and community. The power of representation is a strong one and might influence others to aspire to greater heights.

In addition, your research could help address some of the challenges facing the black community in STEM fields. In a study to understand how to attract and retain more African/Americans in STEM PhD, Maton et al (2009) find that “giving back” is a major factor.

Start Working on Your 2023 Resolution To Start A PhD in Information Systems

It’s a new year, and pursuing a PhD in Information Systems remains a valuable and a rewarding investment. If you’ve been considering doing it for a while, there’s no better time than now.

The representation and positive impact on the community make it a worthwhile pursuit, not to mention the increased career opportunities, personal and professional growth. I’m rooting for you. Let me know how I can help you.

Where to start? It starts with taking a GRE/GMAT. See more information to help you with your 2023 Resolution To Start A PhD in Information Systems .

A 2023 Resolution To Start A PhD in Information Systems – Make A Bold Move

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