Thank you for your interest in PhD in Information Systems.  

If you are on the journey toward attaining a PhD in a STEM field, PhD information is for you.  If you are a Black/African American woman over 40, PhD Information is for you.

We started this site for a few reasons. One of our writers was in her 40s when she started her PhD in Information Systems and felt a little out of place at the beginning.

She didn’t have all this information when she started her journey and wished there was a no-judgment zone where she could find information from others with similar experiences. She also didn’t know the questions to ask.

Many of the posts here try to answer those questions. These are questions you haven’t started asking, which might make the difference in starting and staying the course or quitting.

So stick around and read about those experiences. Don’t forget to ask questions.

Remember, if you have a question about getting a PhD in Information Systems after 40, others may also have the same question. When you ask and we answer them, you’ve helped many others.

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